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G.I.Joe vehicle parts (Hagerstown)

I am selling off my G.I.Joe collection. These are mostly things I got as a kid and young adult. I picked up a few things at yard sales over the years. I am listing them on ebay, but can only list 50 items a month. Here are some of the vehicles I have. I will update as I unpack other stuff. At the bottom are individual parts I have listed and their prices. I can take paypal, and can ship if needed. I also have figures (mostly early to mid 90's - but some 80's) which I will go through eventually. If you are looking for something (especially from the 90's), feel free to ask, I may have it.

Here is a list of vehicles I am parting out. Ask for what parts you need, I will let you know If I have them and send you a price and pictures. I am really only looking to sell the small parts/accessories, but would consider selling the larger parts or whole vehicles (if I have it complete).

1. Wolverine 1983
2. Persuader 1987
3. Triple 'T' 1986
4. STUN 1986
5. H.A.V.O.C. 1986
6. Heli-Fighter Street Fighter 1994
7. Cobra night attack 4-WD STINGER 1984
8. MAGGOT 1987
9. Pogo (Ballistic Battle Ball)
10. Tiger Sting 1989
11. Avalanche
12. Killer Whale (few small pieces left, including most of motorcycle)
13. Snowcat
14. Thunderclap
15. Crimson Cruiser
16. Bomb Disposal
17. Devilfish
18. Manta Ray
19. Polar Battle Bear
20. Night Rhino
21. Mamba
22. Stellar Stiletto
23. Flight pod (Trouble Bubble)
24. G.I.Joe Headquarters Command 1983
25. Machine Gun Defense Unit 1984
26. Mortar Defense Unit 1984
27. A.S.P 1984

I have other odds and ends parts of small vehicles, mostly missiles

This is what I have listed on ebay now. The prices include shipping and paypal fees, so I can go lower with cash sales in person.

2. Heli-Fighter Street Fighter front gun turret $ 4
3. Heli-Fighter Street Fighter skids - $4
4. H.A.VO.C left and right gun arm - Left -$5, Right $3.50 - has flex marks
5. H.A.VO.C Rear long track cover - $5.50 each
6. H.A.VO.C front short track cover - $5.25 each
7. STUN hub cap - $6 each
8. STINGER roof panel - $10
9. MAGGOT engine cover - $6
10. G.I.Joe Headquarters Command Center File card cover for supply depot -$7.50
11. G.I.Joe Headquarters Command Center Stockade Door - $15
12. G.I.Joe Headquarters Command Center Stockade Wall A -$7
13. G.I.Joe Headquarters Command Center Stockade Wall B - $7
14. G.I.Joe Headquarters Command Center Stockade Wall E - $30
15. G.I.Joe Headquarters Command Center Storage Lid- $9
16. Wolverine rear panel - $9
17. G.I.Joe Headquarters Command Center Double Devastation Cannon cockpit -$7.50
18. PERSUADER bumper - $7
19. H.A.VO.C engine cover -$7
20. H.A.VO.C Left and right doors R-$6, L-$5.50 (small crack on latch)
21. STUN flag post -$25
22. Tiger sting roof panel -$15
23. Tiger Sting driver door- $12.50 (sticker is upside down)
24. G.I.Joe Headquarters Command Center rear right side wall supply depot -$8.50
25. Triple 'T' Grill plate -$5
26. STINGER missile (3)- $5 each
27. STINGER right and left doors -$6 each
28. STINGER ram bar- $15
29. STINGER rear platform -$10
30. STINGER rear left fuel detail panel - $7.50
31. STINGER rear right detail panel $7.50
32. STUN engine cover (2) - $14 each

I would trade items for trains or tracks (HO and G scale only), slot cars, Transformers (I would consider any except the ones from new movies) or wind up phonograph players. I would consider other things, but there is not a whole lot else that interests me.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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