Geese For Sale - $25 (Smithsburg/Thurmont)

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Spring Goslings Available!

March 16th hatch (1 cross) gosling (sold out)
March 22nd hatch (1 cross) gosling (sold out)
May 1st hatch 10 goslings (sold out)
June 1st hatch (4-6 goslings expected)

About half of them should be of pure African parents; these goslings could make a great addition to a hen house with their keenness at detecting aerial predators, their loud warnings and large size (adults stand about 3 feet tall).

The rest of the goslings will be American Violets (a cross between my White Emden gander and an African goose). The crosses are likely to inherit improved laying abilities over pure Emdens and the graceful knob of the African. At the same time the Violets will predictably share some qualities of the Emden, inheriting its robust build and slightly less vocal personality. So far the Violets have shown a tendency toward lavender or cream feather displays.

Both groups of goslings could make excellent pets, garden weeders, lawnmowers, poultry security guards, or provide a special meal for the holidays.

Goslings will be priced based on age and quantity purchased.
_$25 for 1 gosling under 1 month old or 3 goslings for $70
_$35 for 1 gosling over 1 month old or 3 goslings for $90
_Open to considering additional offers

Adult Geese For Sale!

_Available are four adult geese. These are the parents of the goslings in the pictures. They just turned a year old and this was their first breeding season. In the group are two African female geese. They began laying in January and have finished for the season. Both produce one egg every other day very consistently. Next year, they should start laying even larger eggs than this year. In addition, in the group are two ganders, one is a White Emben he father all the beautiful cross goslings. The other gander an African produced several batches of African goslings. Each of the ganders have paired up with an African goose. I prefer that they all go together or as pairs. I am asking $275 for the group or $150 per pair.

Thank you for your consideration! Please, reach out with any questions you may have about the geese.

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