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Ace your tests! Tutor Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Calculus, Trig

offered virtually

If you want to improve your scores, you need a great teacher, mentor, and coach.
I am devoted to my students and enjoy teaching skills so students understand mathematics, sciences and standardized testing, and I want to help students succeed. I believe that students learn best when instruction is personalized to their needs and through tutoring this can be possible. I have tutored online high school mathematics and sciences from Algebra 1 and 2, trigonometry, to Honors Physics, Chemistry, Biology and AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, and the SAT/ACT online for more 15 years.

Over the course of my online teaching career I have used many activities to help my students learn everything from General Chemistry to AP Chemistry. I meet individual's needs by addressing multiple learning styles - using methods such as mnemonic devices, visual cues, graphic organizers, and real life situations, students will understand and connect to the mathematics and sciences. I am always looking for new ways to engage my students.

My hours are very flexible and can meet online using various platforms for a suitable, practical learning environment. I look forward to helping you succeed in your math/science or English class.


Additionally I tutor math skills for all high school Math classes and the AP Calculus and other AP level classes.

Algebra I and Algebra II Tutoring SAT/ACT MATH

📞 Let's Discuss Your Study Plan Now! Call or Text: 508-577-4310


$85.00/session: Package deal, MUST INQUIRE

✔️ Get COACHED by Math/Science Specialist. Trainer with 18 years experience in Chemistry, Physics, Algebra I and II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus, SAT/ACT test Prep, GMAT.

✔️ BOOST Your TEST SCORES quickly by 20% using proven methods

✔️ GET ACCESS TO online support FROM A TRAINER, E-mail Support, AND customized Homework

MY PROVEN GAME PLAN TO SUPPORT General Chemistry/ Organic Chem:

➕Stoichiometry: Ratio, Proportion & Percents, Dimensional Analysis
🎲 Thermodynamics Word Problems: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Laws, Units rates, Entropy, Enthalpy, Heats of Formation, Predicting Spontaneous/Non-Spontaneous Reactions Modeling Problems AP Exams
📐 Reaction Kinetics, First, Second Order, Calculations and Method
📈 Data and Graphs: Analyzing Tabular Data, Interpreting Line, Bar and Pie charts, Stats
Structure and bonding.
Resonance and acid-base chemistry.
Alkanes, cycloalkanes, and functional groups.
Substitution and elimination reactions.
Alkenes and alkynes.
Alcohols, ethers, epoxides, sulfides.
Conjugated systems and pericyclic reactions.
Aromatic compounds.
Aldehydes and ketones.

o Kinematics is the study of motion.
- 1-D kinematics is the study of motion in one direction only.

o A Motion Diagram is an abstract visual representation of an object’s motion.

o All motion is relative (i.e. object A moved relative to object B).
- you must define an origin in your motion diagram.
- The origin serves as a fixed reference point the object moves in relation to.

o A coordinate system with a defined origin is used to draw an accurate motion diagram.
- maintain a consistent scale

o Magnitude & amp; Vector vs. Scalar
- Magnitude simply means “how much”.
- Scalar is a measure of magnitude.
- Vector is a measure of magnitude with a direction.

o Displacement is the relative distance between two places or objects.

o When an object experiences displacement (moves) it takes a certain amount of time to do so.

o Velocity is the word for when displacement changes over time. The scalar component of velocity is speed.

o Average vs. Instantaneous:
- Average Velocity is displacement over time mathematically described as:`v = d / t
wherein`v = just means average velocity (a bar over a vector variable means average) and /\ means change of or change in a variable value.
- Instantaneous Velocity is the velocity at any given point. The speedometer on a car measures the magnitude of the car’s instantaneous velocity.
- There is also Average and Instantaneous Acceleration.

o Acceleration is the change in velocity over time, just as velocity is the change in displacement over time.
- Acceleration is also a vector quantity.

o Graphs are one of our most powerful methods for visualizing and understanding physics.

MY PROVEN GAME PLAN TO IMPROVE Your grades and TEST SCORES in Mathematics:

🔤 Algebra: Linear Equations, Non-linear equations, Functions
➕Arithmetic: Number properties, Ratio, Proportion & Percents
➕Quadratics & Parabolas: Quadratic equation, Standard Vertex formula, Max/Min equations, graphing
🎲 Word Problems: Units rates, Exponential Problems of Interest Rates, Stocks & Decay, Modeling Problems
📐 Trigonometry & Geometry: Sin/Cos/Tan & Applications, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, Geometry of 2D and 3D objects, Coordinate Geometry
📈 Data and Graphs: Analyzing Tabular Data, Interpreting Line, Bar and Pie charts, Stats: mean, median, mode, range


I am a dedicated tutor with years of experience and a drive to support students along their educational paths.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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