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2010 Ducati Streetfighter 1098S - $10,499 (Frederick, MD)


delivery available
make / manufacturer: Ducati
model name / number: Streetfighter 1098 S

For sale: 2010 Ducati Streetfighter 1098S | $10,499
tl;dr: bike is well maintained, Desmo service has been recently completed, clean tittle in hand, no liens, 2 keys, tons of mods, upgrades and extras, only needs a rider to enjoy it. 

That's it. Read no further, head on over with a stack of cash and collect your new bike. 

Ok, if you insist, get ready, I am detailed in my notes, so here’s a lot of info, maybe more than you'd care for, lets go: 

I'm selling my 1098 Streetfighter S, bitter-sweet really, I wanted this specific bike for years before I bought it and it was everything I thought it would be once I got it. When I bought it I had the idea of keeping it forever, so I did all maintenance and mods with longevity in mind. A fantastic opportunity came up for me with a different bike and I had to make a choice...result: Ducati is going up for sale now. I'm not kidding when I say I'd like to keep it, but doesn't make sense to keep it if I won't be riding it as much. Bikes need to be ridden, not parked. 

2010 Ducati Streetfighter 1098S:
Main plus of the 'S' model over the Base Model is the following: Ohlins Suspension Forks & Shock, Traction Control, Lightweight Marchesini Forged Wheels, Ducati Data Analyzer(DDA) and Ducati Traction Control(DTC) 8 levels or it can de complete be turned your own risk! Worth noting Base and S do come with Brembo brake calipers Front & Rear 

Maintenance is up to date, please note any and all bolts that were touched at any point were torqued to service manual spec, Loctite was applied liberally and items were safety wired throughout out of habit and abundance of precaution and care. 

-I can share a Dropbox link with all receipts, pdf motorcycle manual, service manual, and any other document I may have for the bike.
-I documented many of the mods/services and can provide pictures as needed.
-Any stock parts I have will be included
-A decent set of Pirelli SuperCorsa SP front&rear tires will also come with the bike if you'd like. I was starting to commute, so I removed them and installed commuter-friendly tires instead.
-New HiFlo Oil Filter for the next oil change
-New Oil drain bolt gasket
-More keys can be cut via SOS Diagnostics for this specific bike in case you ever need one/lose one (they only ask for proof of bike ownership). They have the key code on file. 

18k miles, the bike is still being ridden, Clean title, on hand, no liens. 2 keys.
Welcome to take it for a test ride with cash in hand. The bike is in top form. 

Mods and Maintenance in chronological order as best I can recollect, mile marker services done:

• -New battery
• -Replaced Throttle Position Sensor + Recalibrated

• -Vesrah Brake Pads RJLs
• -Rear wheel/sprocket cush drives
• -Oil/Filter Change+Safety Wired
• -Red Ducati Course Oil Drain Bolt+New gasket+Safety Wire
• -Exhaust Wrap+Safety Wired
• -Carbon Fiber Exhaust Guard+Safety wired
• -Rear Sprocket Safety Wired
• -Ducati Course Chain Guard (front sprocket)
• -Red Ducati Course Front Axle Nut
• -Carbon Fiber Water Pump Cover
• -Rexxer ECU Flash
• -Flushed clutch fluid Motul RBF660

• -Major Desmo Service:
• -New Belts
• -Valves serviced
• -Spark Plugs +Seals
• -Coolant Flush
• -Fuel pump filter 
• -Reset ECU Service Light
• -AELLA - Titanium Hub Lock Ring+Safety Wire
• -Red LLS Hex Oil Fill Plug
• -Red Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch
• -Lubed Clutch Plates Mod
• -Flushed Brake Fluid Motul RBF660 

• -Front Michelin Pilot Road 5 Tire
• -CNC Red billet brake fluid cap
• -CNC Red billet coolant fluid cap

• -Chain/Sprockets:
• -520 conversion: Superlite Quick Change Sprocket Kit BLACK Carrier w/ TITANIUM Studs; Standard STEEL Nuts
• -Superlite RS Front SPROCKET SIZE: 14 (-1 over stock) Hard Anodized
• -Superlite RS Alloy REAR SPROCKET SIZE 38 Tooth (OEM teeth)
• -DID 520ZVMX - Heavy Duty X'ring Chain (1200cc rated) Natural color
• -Oil/Filter Change

• -Rear Michelin Pilot Road 5 Tire

• -Evap Charcoal Canister Delete
• -Oil/Filter Change
• -BMC Air Filter 

• -Rear brake fluid flush Motul RBF660

• -Red Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder
• -Motul 660 Clutch Fluid
• -Lube Clutch Plates Mod
• -Replaced front clutch line
• -Oil/Filter Change

• -Oil/Filter change
• -Clean Chain
• -Aux LED lights wired to high beam for better visibility at night
• -Translogic Quickshifter GP Shift, it does have a sensitivity adjustment control unit if needed. Where I set it right now, its awesome.
• -MotoGP style switches with 'features' please ask for me to explain in person. A great option for anyone thinking of taking this bike to the track...or specific street uses.

• -Fork/Shock Full Service done by MRP Motorsports 1.1 fork springs, 95 shock spring.
• -Front/Rear Michelin Pilot Road 5 Tires
• -Replace light switch module
• -LED front headlight hi/low beam with built-in fan
• -Spark Plugs
• -R&G fender eliminator bracket w/ LED tag light
• -Bleed clutch/front brakes
• -Radiator Guards upper and lower
• -Speedymoto frame sliders
• -PittPose Tow Rings
• -Dual port 3.0 USB Phone Charger
• -Battery Tender wired
• -Oil/Filter Change
• -Valve check
• -Coolant flush 

Additional Mods:

Carbon Fiber bits:
• -Termignoni Carbon Fiber Exhaust
• -CF Front-wheel fender
• -CF Rear wheel fender
• -CF Belt cover
• -CF Side skirt/panels
• -CF Keyhole/ignition switch plate
• -CF Headlight Trim
• -CF Air Ducts
• -CF Side Radiator Guards
• -CF Front Sprocket Cover
• -CF Undertail bodywork
• -CF Style tank protector
• -CF Water Pump Cover
• -Etc

More Mods:
• -Heal Tech GiPro Gear Indicator (Color white)
• -Red SickSpeed Horn, much louder than OEM
• -Dark Ducati Windshield with the respective hardware
• -Foot peg frame bracket welded for additional support, known issue
• -Gas tank bracket under seat welded for additional support, known issue
• -OEM Safety/Warning Stickers removed... they're a pain to pull off!!!
• -PSR adjustable kickstand
• -Rage Cycles (NRC) RAGE360 Front Fork LED Turn Signals
• -Directional LED Rear Turn Signals
• -Driven Axis Gold Grips
• -Servo Exhaust Deleted
• -Adjustable foot pegs
• -Red STM Flash 180 Evolution Dry Clutch Cover
• -TECH Spec tank grips
• -Arrow bar end mirrors
• -Red CNC Motorcycle Engine Case Slider Protector
• -SW Motech Evo Tankbag Ring
• -Custom Gel Seat passenger rider with anti-slide covers and carbon fiber accents 

I'm sure I've done/modded/adjusted/bolted on other bits and stuff...this is all that I can remember for now. 

Maybe my biggest complaint is the factory paint job is fragile so there are cosmetic imperfections, if you're looking for a showroom paint finish, this isn't the bike for you. That aside the bike is mechanically sound, maintenance is fresh and up to date, nothing is due or outstanding, you have many miles before the next service.

-I'll make sure you have a full tank of gas when you ride it away.
-I have a trailer and can help deliver at no cost within 30min of my location, if needed, anything above that, if serious, I can work with you. Lending you my tag is not an option, it's not worth the hassle.
-Happy to help sign/notarize a bill of sale to make registering the bike easier.

Fun Factor:
All misconceptions aside, riding this Ducati Streetfighter 1098S has probably been one of the most rewarding experiences. The torque kicks on from as low at 3k RPMs and continues all the way to redline. Power wheelies in just about any gear, keep that rear brake ALL times. I wouldn't describe it as an easy bike to ride, but it is by far the most rewarding bike to ride. It rewards the competent rider, barks at the inept. It's an angry motor. It's the devil. It's fun. The link between the throttle and the engine is direct, no hesitation, ask for a little get a little, pull the trigger...whelp you asked for it: HANG ON!
After owning A Duc I can honestly say I can see what all the hype is about. Yes, I did visit Starbucks on my 1st ride after getting it. This is probably one of the last NA bikes: No wheelie control, No abs, No lean control, No slide control, No throttle-by-wire, No launch control. None of those nannies, it’s raw, it'll kick your teeth in and you'll ask for more. Oh yeah, it sounds like a rattling bucket of bolts from the Dry Clutch, it's cool, it's a conversation starter, it's part of the Ducati experience, don't insert fingers into the spiny thingy. 

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. 

Thanks for your time!
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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