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Need Bassist and 2nd Guitarist for a Classic Metal type of group (Middletown)

I posted here recently, but need to try a different approach. I did not think that I was looking for rare people, or asking for too much, but it feels like that sometimes. We have 3 of us in a group who are meeting on a weekly basis -- a drummer, a singer, and a lead & rhythm guitarist (myself). We ultimately want a 5-piece (with 2 guitars) or maybe a 6-piece group to play the music to full potential. We really need a returning bass player and one more guitarist who can practice with us consistently, once a week (as much as possible). We are still starting up, taking our time to build a solid group, and we won't play any gigs or plan for other things before 2022. We want people here who are excited about practicing every week (often to a set list), and then we can see what happens.
There will be variety eventually, but we're starting with "Classic Metal" to build core talents on ...playing music from or similar to Dio, Purple, Lizzy, Ozzy, Sabbath, Maiden, Priest, etc. Two guitarists who can play lead at a proficient level are essential, and I will cover my half of that -- we will not settle on a final lineup without two lead musicians. Ideally, I want to split guitar leads and harmonies 50/50 with another player, because if that doesn't happen then the songs don't work as intended. That is not absolute on day one, but that is where we are going. We also want to dedicate around 50% of our sets to playing deeper material (instead of hits only).
Here's an important note -- we are not going to play a lot of AC/DC, Metallica, Zeppelin, or other cliche bar band and club type of material. We do like those original bands (and we "occasionally" play their songs), but we are not impressed with most cover bands who play them, so we don't want to be another one of those. There is nothing more cliche than heavy bands who can only play meat and potatoes type of club material, just like everyone else plays it. Sabbath type of riffs get cliche quickly too, although they are an important bridge point to other things that we play, so we will include them at least for that reason. We may play a few thrash-influenced songs, but those are Not a majority of our songs (if that is what you are mostly looking for).
Following is info to save both you and I more time, before considering our group. If you want to play mostly typical classic or party rock, then this band is Not a good fit for that. If you want to play metalcore or more extreme music (with repetitive grinding riffs, more screaming, etc), then this band is Not a good fit for that either. We respect some other genres, we listen to them sometimes, etc, but they lack some of the magical ingredients that we are looking and listening for -- Heavy Riffs and Melodic and Harmonic "Hooks" within the songs. We welcome some fantasy and Rock and Roll themes, which are part of classic metal -- but morality is important too, so we draw a line before the music goes into more evil or violent themes, etc. We are educated and professional guys with clean lives and families ....and we want to keep our band, friends, and families in that type of company too.
I need to call out some more important things. Personally I want to focus on improving as a musician and technician (my strengths), and want to work with people who feel the same way. Improvement there requires some practice every week. I have also needed to act as a Manager or Recruiter (against my nature), to find people and "convince" them to stay involved. I do not enjoy that "salesman" part, which can steal energy, time, and joy away from focusing on just playing music (which is why I want to do this). I probably don't have time to manage or keep rallying everyone in a band together every week, just to keep some wheels moving slowly. I would love to find a skilled bassist and guitarist (and maybe keyboardist), who could really deliver with this group. However, I am most interested in finding people who are proactive, disciplined, self-motivated, AND also available to play every week. I will choose someone reliable over someone experienced, if they cannot be both. We will consider everyone's schedule when planning practices, so that might help. I have been in contact with some experienced players, who are either in another band currently or recently. They like similar music, but they haven't taken the time to stay in contact or meet and try out some music with us. I appreciate getting some replies from people who can play and are already out there doing it. I also understand that you're too busy to play in a second group (and I couldn't do that either). Unfortunately, having people just interested in ideas doesn't help anything to happen, if you don't take some action to be part of it. If you can contact me and then plan towards a specific time to try something soon, then that works much better than using random hit-or-miss messages to reach me. How does anyone develop good opportunities that way?  If you don't show much interest, then why should I try to convince you?  No thanks.
Most of our practices and activities will be somewhere between Frederick and Baltimore (and maybe DC later), so band members in that area will work best. At this point, we don't really want to do things often in PA, VA, or WV. We will try some original things in practice, but will see how that develops before expecting more. So playing covers will be important skillset for a while. My info above will filter some people out, but hopefully will save people time too. If you want to play the same type of music as us (currently) and have similar thoughts about a group, please reply back and let me know. It has been challenging to stay in contact with many people at once about this, and sometimes I don't have the time for that. If we already chatted but lost contact previously about this, then I apologize for my part in that. If that happened but you are still interested and can follow up, then please reply back again. If and only if we are on the same page philosophically, then let's talk about the music next. Thanks in advance for your interest.
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