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Looking for down to earth real people who are looking to jam. (Union bridge)

I’m hoping I can find people that would be interested in getting together and making some music. No expectations or plans to become superstars. We work real jobs! Just jam and work some songs out and possibly jam at some open mics or clubs together. I have a full sound system, not some Best Buy crap but a real 16 Chanel mixer, 2400, 1200, 800 amps and 600 watt for vocals. A nice little 5 pice drum set with 6 Chanel mixer for mics and drums. The drums can be set up to how you like them. 4 guitar amps along with the ability to plug into the mixer for recording. 3 wireless mic set ups. 3- 12 string acoustics 1 6 string acoustic. 3 electric guitars. 1 mandolin. Two computers with one set up for recording and visual effects or for bring up songs, info or videos. Second computer is totally music setup.
Look guys I’m not a front man but with the right support I could be, I sing ok, not great but am told I do very good. I like playing 3 cord songs but would love to jam with people I could learn and grow from. I do have a handful of songs that I can do very well like house of the rising Sun, Hotel California to name a couple. There great acoustic songs But I need you to be able to get better.
I’m sooooo tired of setting around and just jamming alone with songs on the computer. Almost to the point I’m starting to lose the desire because it seems impossible to find like minded down to earth people who just want to jam without serious expectations or criticisms because I’m not stage ready. It seems that’s what everybody wants is you to be idmediately stage ready, Sorry I’m not that good and I’m pretty sure anybody that is are already set up with a band. But I can get that good if I have the people to practice with and learn from. Understand I do have a large handful of songs I can play and sing but if you’re really really good you’re going to have to step back a little to help me step forward. I don’t read and write very well and my grammar sucks but I’m the type if you show me it’s set like stone. Kind of feel like I’m at the point that I’m influenceable to where you could lead me. I’m a good rhythm player, I think! Can figure out what you need me to do pretty quick as long as you show me what you want. I am extremely humble and open minded.
I have a one and a half car size garage in my backyard that has been insulated with bubble wrap to stop sound from echoing with heat and air conditioning.
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