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Engineer: Electronic Design / Embedded Microcontroller Firmware. (Washington DC / Baltimore)

available evenings
available weekends
education completed: bachelors

Engineer: Electronic Design / Embedded Microcontroller Firmware, Offsite / Remote. Part-Time work considered.

Microcontroller: (30+ Years), Analog, Digital, Mixed-Signal, I/O, Audio, High Speed, Wireless, ADC, DAC, FPGA. Legacy Logic: Families: Characteristics well understood (74TTL, 74LSTTL, CD4000, 74HC, 74AHC, LVDS, LVT, ECL, PECL), logic family attributes: timing, thresholds, mixed signal applications, legacy logic support / design modernization. Design Experience: Schematic design / entry, DFT, CAD, PCB, BOM creation, Expert Witness, Technical writing (English first language). Simultaneous debug of Hardware / Embedded Firmware: (Assembly / C / C++), Bare-Bones, uC design, JTag debuggers / Scopes / Emulators / Meters / PS Loads / Spectrum Analyzers (Lab Equipment). Battery Management Systems: LIon, LiFePO4, LTO, Lead-Acid / Gel-Cells. Power Supplies: AC/DC, DC/DC converters, Wiring-harness design. R&D: Product development, hands-on engineering including Regulated Environments: Aerospace, Military (Multiple regulations), Medical (ISO-13485), Industrial, Commercial, Design Validation / Verification, Manufacturing, component obsolescence, remediation, DFMEA, Test fixture design and Documentation, Root Cause Analysis. Magnetics: Field familiarity / Tesla units. RoHS-1, RoHS-2 Familiarity: Compliance and military exemptions (min. 5% lead) EMI Testing/Compliance, Part-15 A / B. Additional Support: Project Leader / Manager, Production Liaison, Purchasing Support, Technical Support and Component Engineering, System Engineering Support. Power Distribution: (3.3V, 5V, 120/240 VAC, High Voltage). Automotive: 12V / 28V, OBD2 250/500 kbit/s knowledge. Have worked per Medical regulations ground up design on several occasions.

Experience and Knowledge: (Deep Understanding / Experience - Hardware & Firmware Engineering Standards).
* Hardware: Digital logic, TTL (legacy 74XX / Tiny logic), Analog, ADC, DAC, R.F., DFT, Mixed-Signal, Video, PLL, DLL, DPLL.
* Digital Logic: 74HC, 74HCT, LVT, CD4000, LVC, LVX, TTL, LSTTL, ECL, LVECL. Output Loading, Input Loading (CMOS capacitive), Logic thresholds, Setup / Hold timing employed in clocked systems, SRAMs, DDR, D-Flip-Flops, registers, etc.
* Discrete Semiconductor: Passive: Discrete component level, Active: BJTs, MOSFETs, IGBTs, SiCFETs, GaNFET, JFETs.
* Battery Management System Design: Lithium Ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate, Lithium Titanate, Lead-Acid, Nickel Metal Hydride.
* I/O: Discrete, I2C, SPI, Analog, Digital, Scaling, Self-diagnostic, Safety margins / Mil-Std-1547 derating, TVS and ESD protection.
* Programming: 25+ Yrs C, C++, Assy, Python, Cooperative Multitasking / Time Dispatch / State Machines / Scripting Languages / VHDL.
* Embedded Hardware / Firmware: (Bare Bones OS), Board Bring-up, RIOT (Mesh Networking) and Linux, BMC, Low-Level device drivers.
* Power Supply: Buck, Boost, Step-Up, Fly-back, Battery Backup, Inverter, BMS-Charging, CUK, I2C control, (Single Phase / Three Phase).
* Switching Power Supply Design: (DC to DC converters / Inverters): Typically, 80-90% efficient, Familiar: Mil-Std704 / Mil-Std-1275E.
* Analog Design: Low Noise Analog, Op-Amps, Mixed Signal, Audio (including Class-D), ASIC and Power Supply, (including PCB layout).
* Memory: Static (SRAM), Dynamic, Synchronous Refresh, Flash, SLC, NAND, NOR, SDDR DDR2, DDR3 (Solid on Refresh, Read, write).
* High Power Peripheral Drivers: Solenoids, PLC, Brushless DC Motor drive, Flow Controllers, Flow Sensors, Pumps, Proportional Valves.
* Motor Control Servo-Loop applications: Actuators, Wheatstone bridge, Load-Cells, Resolution tracking resolver to digital conversion for angular motor position tracking, Medical Pumps. PLC programing, control and interface, Voice-Coil Motor Driver.
* Wiring Integrity: IPC 620 / EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection System) / Wiring Harness / Cable Design / NASA 8739.4.
* Signal Integrity: Balanced / Differential Signaling, Impedance Matching, High Speed Digital Signaling, Terminations.
* Programmable Logic: CPLDs, FPGAs and ASICs with on-board mixed signal.
* Communications: Bluetooth, SPI, I2C, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, LVDS, FSK, HART, Ethernet, CAN, SerDes (Serial), Infrared, ARINC.
RapidIO, OBD2 Auto Interface, Varies between manfs.
* Microcontrollers: ARM, PIC, MSP430, 8051, 8052, Z80, 68xx, 6502, X show contact info , TMS320, solid in CPUs, debuggers, emulators.
* Sensors: I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, Mems, GPS, Voltage, Current, PIR, Infrared, Thermal, Pressure, Altitude, Proximity, Wheatstone Bridge.
* Schematic Capture/CAD/PCB/DFM/EDA: Altium, Allegro, Cadstar, Kicad, Mentor Graphics, PADs, Orcad, Sunstone: (Analog, Digital).
* EMI / EMC compliance: RF: FCC Part-15 (A&B), Mil-Std-461, EMI Design/Testing, Miniature transmitter design, Microwave (military).
* Telephony and Modem: FCC part-68 (POTS / DAA), TVS (ESD, Transient Voltage and Standard Lightning protection).
* Solar Power technology: Familiarity, gained through research and strong interest.
* Component Engineering: Work closely with suppliers and manufacturers (CEMs / BOMs), Sample qualification.
* Documentation: Expert Witness, Technical writing, Failure Analysis, BOMs, Production, ERP, Tech. and Purchasing Support.
* Laboratory Equipment: Familiar with standard equipment: Oscilloscopes, Meters, Spectrum Analyzers, Logic Analyzers, DVMs, etc.
* Document Guidelines: DO-254, DSCC-Military part numbers, Mil-Std-1547 (component derating) and MIL-STD-704E, DO-178B (limited).
* RF Military: Microwave (5Ghz), Tropospheric Scatter (2.4Ghz), Transmitters, Receivers, Telemetry equipment, Filters, Mixers, LNAs, PLLs.
* RF Commercial: Bluetooth, WIFI, FM/AM transmission, FM Stereo (38Khz subcarrier exp.), RF Design, Tuned wavelength antennas.
* Wireless Radio (ISM) Communications: Transmitter / Receiver Designs: 433Mhz – 915Mhz, up to 2.4Ghz.
* PWM LED Driver Design: VASI (Visual Approach Slope Indicator) using LEDs.
* MEMs devices: Accelerometers, Gyroscopes and Geomagnetic Sensors: (SPI / I2C) interface.
* Support Software: Labview, Spice, Quartus, Pspice, Matlab, Autodesk, LTSpice, MSSuite: (Excel, Outlook, Project, Pwr-Point, Visio, Word).
* Thermal: Familiar with thermo-couples, Semiconductor Temperature sensors (SPI / I2C Microcontroller interface).
* Design for Test (DFT): Logic Level, uC ADC Feedback, I2C ADC, SPI ADC.
* Regulated Environments: Employed environmental regulation standards & procedures 30+ years such as: EMC/EMI, Military, Medical
(ISO-13485), Industrial, Automotive. Temperatures: -55 ~ +125 C. Use of Mil-Std-1547 (Derating) as much as possible in all designs.
* Safety Design: Vital related safety design: Thermal / Creepage / Clearance / Grounding / Fail-Safe / leakage. Ex: Standards such as IEC 60950.

Military - U.S. Air Force: Staff Sergeant, acquired (Associates) - Military degree / Associates of Applied Science, Advanced Electronics, Telecommunications. Specialized in electronics, digital logic, analog, RF Maintenance and repair of RF equipment including: Tropospheric Scatter and Microwave Transmitters and Receivers, power supplies and associated telemetry / telecommunications equipment. Held Secret Security Clearance - Honorably discharge

Education: Nova University – (BSCS) Electronics Engineering / Computer Science.
Keesler Tech. (AAS) - Military degree / Associates, Applied Science, Advanced Electronics, Telecommunications.
St. Andrews High School, Charleston, SC – Graduated.

Language Familiarity: English-First Language; Some familiarity with: Hebrew / Spanish.
Citizen, Born in U.S. /: Previously held a Secret Clearance. I am still clearable. Knowledge of ITAR and associated regulations.
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