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Women, peer pressure, and "beauty" (Mt. Airy)

I saw a rant by someone in DC talking about how terrible face piercings are. I guess I just was inspired to share my thoughts.

Women are more susceptible to peer pressure than men are when it comes to "beauty" and "fashion." Do you know what the driving forces behind "beauty" and "fashion" are? It's not actually most men and what they find attractive in a woman, it's the likes of Proctor and Gamble. Back in the day, Proctor and Gamble wanted to sell more razor blades; the male market just wasn't enough. So P&G used advertising to influence society's perception of female beauty; a "beautiful" woman was one who shaved her legs and under her arms. You see the motivation here? Money, plain and simple.

It's insane what you ladies have to spend to get your nails, hair, etc. all "beautified." And let's not even talk about breast augmentation, plastic surgery, rear end implants, and all that other nonsense that is WAAAAY down there on the slippery slope. Ladies, as a man who loves women, can I be 100% honest with you? Most guys really appreciate a REAL woman. Healthy and natural is true beauty.

Don't get me wrong, a little beautification is nice. I personally think a girl looks nice in a little bit of lip gloss with just a touch of makeup. But gluing plastic chips to the ends of your fingers? Having more metal on your face than I have in my toolbox? Bosoms unnaturally enlarged to the size of watermelons? I mean, sister! These things have GOT to be really inconvenient, and honestly they aren't as fetching as you might think they are.

Ladies, just be you! And a little adornment goes a long way. A little makeup? Great! A small nose stud? Okay, not my thing, but I can live with it. It just seems like everyone is taking everything way to far these days.

Just realize, gals, that too much of anything might be a turn-on for a few out there, but it's probably turning off more people than it's turning on.

I hope you all find happiness! Cheers.
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