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Looking for Nice place to Stay/ Need Assistance (Carroll,Howard, Frederick)

I apologize in advance for this ad being so lengthy and a bit unique. Hopefully everyone that reads this will get a good idea of where I’m at & coming from and what I’m looking for & trying to accomplish.

I am hoping someone has something that will work out perfectly for me and help put some $ in your pocket as well.

I’m a 47 yr professional female. I have rented rooms and Basement apartments. A few years ago I had to move back in with my Dad due to a job lay-off but to also help take care of my Dad who is disabled & has health issues.

I currently work for BGE and due to Covid we are all working remotely until January when they are going to start to bring us back in 3 phases all 8 weeks apartment. Needless to say from a call we had yesterday my team most likely won’t be returning until April/May of 2021.

I’m single a non smoker, drug free and I rarely drink anymore, pretty much my life is work and running errands for my Dad.
I’m loosing my sanity due to working from home. I don’t have accurate work space so Im in my room 24\7.

My Dad has multiple health issues and is hard of hearing so its impossible for me to work anywhere other than my room.

My room is not very big and being confined in here is taking a toll on me.
I need my life back and in order to do so I have to start by changing my living situation.

Ideally I’d like to find an in-law suite, basement apartment (above grade) so it gets light. I’d love love to interact with housemate occasionally, whether it be watching shows or movies, grilling out with a drink, watching football even just hanging out and talking.

All my friends are married but I have lost myself the last few years. I use to be one you couldn’t keephome & now I never leave home 😏

It’s time to gain my life back & don’t worry I’d never desert my Dad. It’s critical I have a large enough space to set up my work area that’s not next to my bed 😞 I need a place where there is good WiFi and cell service since I’ll be working from home for so long.

I’m very neat and clean. The space I’m looking for I’d also like a private bathroom W/tub & shower. I have all new bedroom furniture but that’s it. I sold everything else. If I found something cute & furnished that wouldn’t be an issue as long as the bed and mattress is nice & at least a queen, I’d love a King.

I have had multiple back surgeries so it’s not me just being a Diva Ha-Ha. I’m an orthopedic disaster so it’s critical the mattress work for my spine & neck.

I grew up showing horses my whole life & miss it every day a cute place on a horse farm would be awesome as well.

I just really want a place where I walk through the door and it feels good to be home. I’m extremely quiet & courteous and must live without any drama or feel like I’m walking on eggshells.

There is so much I’m open too but If you think You have a space that could work for me please message me & if possible send some pics.

Hopefully I can find and awesome space but also meeting some amazing housemates & can build new friendships would be great and start working on regaining my happiness again and getting back to me.

I am very outgoing & have a big personality. I love to have fun I’m a big reality tv junkie.
I’m working on getting back into the gym. I have had to take a break from everything.

The best way to describe myself is I’m a girly girl but also love to throw on a ball hat and be that country girl, go ride 4 wheelers and the other part of me Is a farm girl being I showed horses my whole life.

I have checked in to a hotel a few days here and there for space & a break from my Dad. I also was also looking at Airbnb’s. I’d love to also meet new people and like I say I like to have what I call social stimulation where I’m around people.

I’m definitely very outgoing and being confined to my room for work and to hang there is no separation if that makes sense because my Dad will get up in the morning an occupy the whole downstairs.

This week I decided I couldn’t take it much more. I’m originally from Sykesville/Eldersburg That would be an ideal spot because I wouldn’t be too far from my Dad other family and my office.

I’m also open to moving further out. I lived in Frederick in 2010 and I loved it so I’m not opposed to going out further.

I have seen many nice places online but I’m not playing the FB games “ oh we are out of the country”
“ send us 45$ “ I’m sure you have all seen those. I have a clean criminal background, trust me Exelon/BGE does thorough checks. I’m an animal lover but no longer have any of my own but if you do I’m always willing to pet sit.

The only thing I can’t handle is smoking in home I am really sensitive to it. I swear I have the nose of a bloodhound lol.
I also have to have AC, I think I’m part polar bear. 😂😂😂😂😂.

I know this was a unique ad but if you get where I’m coming from please shoot me a message and like I said if you have a space that may work send some pics along.

I’m a great person a very hard worker unfortunately I have had many challenges in life but I realized last week a friend passed in a car accident that you never know when it’s time. I lost my Mom & Stepmom 6 months apart In 2007 and it’s been 2 years now my life has been stagnant & it’s time I live my life. Im not getting any younger.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this as you can tell I”m long winded and never run out of things to talk about. My career has finally fallen into place but until I move
the rest of my life can’t continue to come together like I pray it does 🙏

I appreciate again to all of you who took the
time to read this and hopefully I’ll find that perfect spot!


  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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