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Gaming pc for 1080p gaming - $500 (FREDERICK)

This pc was built to run modern games at 1080p , it has sensible choices in high quality parts that make it reliable, easily upgraded , high performing for it's price and attractive looking as well . Im a very experienced pc builder and enthusiast and will go over each part and my reasons for choosing it. I use a mix of new and used parts
First the case is a brand new diypc idx7-bk-argb , I know that's a mouthful but this case is good . It has a mesh front with great ventilation , four addressable rgb fans and is great quality for it's 70ish dollar price
The power supply is also brand new , it's made by evga and 600 watts 80 plus white rated , it's a cheap but acceptable quality power supply and was on sale for only 40 dollars at best buy right now
The motherboard is the asrock z270 extreme 4 , I like this board for it's feature set , several m.2 slots and one for a wifi card that will likely be installed and included in the build by the time someone comes to buy it tommorow , it is running an i5 7500 cpu which is decent , the board is meant for heavy overclocking and enthusiasts and a bit overkill for this cpu but that's ok , the last thing a new pc gamer wants to do is worry about replacing a cheap motherboard or possibly an expensive cpu the cheap motherboard killed when it died , it's also nice to have plenty of extra pcie slots and ram slots and a board strong enough to support an i7 if you upgrade, I do have seventh generation i7 processors in stock but it would cost a little extra , in my opinion if u plan to buy an rtx card when they're back in stock maybe go with the i7 upgrade
The graphics card is a gtx 780 ti 3gb , it's an aging flagship that still manages a steady 60 frames per second in most games on high settings , in the most demanding games you'll lower settings to medium , the 3gb of vram is definitely the limiting factor for this card so medium settings at 1080p will be fine in the most demanding games , some games that I've tested this theory in are warzone and battlefield v which did surprisingly well for a card several years old, I will probably overclock it slightly , the benchmarks show temps maxing out at 63 c on the gpu , which is lots of overclocking headroom and will be even more once I add new thermal paste to lower the temps even more , I have only ran benchmarks and stress tests at stock speeds to make sure it works and get baseline readings before some final tuning but as it can run games just fine as it is I thought I'd get my listing up and visible buyers
Ram is 16gb of ddr4 , samsung brand
The ssd is 256 gb and a 1tb hard drive included as well
The cpu cooler is a stock cooler , but from an older generation that ran much hotter, it's easily twice the size of the ones that come included with this cpu, temps in benchmarks were very low , if u ask for the i7 upgrade I'll swap the cooler to a more appropriate evga cooler
That's about all there is to this pc , you can expect decent performance at 1080p in any game
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