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condition: salvage

I will adopt your hermit crabs if you no long want them or can care for them. (For those who look at these photos and think I should do better, trust me. I have. these are old photos. I just can't seem to remember to update them with new ones. The substrate is now 8-10 inches deep and there are two large tanks.) I love them very much and have a wonderful place for them to live. They have heat, water & plenty of food and space. I have three tanks now. One for smaller crabs and one for medium to large crabs. The third is for quarantine use, in case one has an issue with it's health. I have several transportable containers that I use also. I also have over 75 shells of all sizes for them to swap out for a larger shell and more terrarium jungle gyms that I switch out to keep it interesting. (the painted shells in the photo have been trashed so they will never be used again. I have acquired 38 in the last 2 years alone. Don't use them folks!! the paint is toxic!)

I swap shells out for others about once a month to give them a variety to choose from. I have had hermit crabs for years and have a wonderful home for them and I would be happy to have yours join mine. So far this year I have taken in 23 hermit crabs of various sizes. They include Sponge Bob, Pirate, Gary, Lazy Larry, Crabbie Pattie, Little Brownie Bites, Thing, and several others unnamed. Can't always keep up with who is who once shells are swapped around. All are doing well and seem very happy. (Thank you folks for letting me care for your little crabbie buddies. I have only lost 4 out of 45+ in the last year. Trust me folks. It happens to the best of us.)

With it soon getting cool out, you will be able to mail me your little buddy, but once it turns cold it will have to wait until next spring/summer. They are originally shipped via air mail from South America, the Florida Keys and the Caribbean and can only be mailed during warm weather. (Any where there is a tropical beach-like area is what can support wild hermit crab populations. Even Australia!) Please contact me either way and I will get you that information about how to do this, as well as how to package them safely when the time comes.

For those that see this post and are thinking of releasing your hermit crabs "back into the wild" STOP!!! Don't do it!!! You are dooming them to a cold frozen death!! Hermit Crabs are only found in tropical regions and will die if returned to "the wild" unless you are releasing them on the beaches hundreds of miles South of Florida! (The most northern place you will find them in the wild is the most southern Florida Keys!!!!)

Crabs should never be single pets when possible. They live in the wild along with others in colonies in numbers that range in the upwards of hundreds and are very social creatures. I adopted a single small crab once that had been a single pet for several months, and the little guy went out of its way to sit on top of the other crabs for about 4 weeks.

Sorry but I do not sell them or give them away so please do not ask!! They are permanent members of my home. Along with the dogs and chickens of course. =)

They can live up to 30 years when cared for properly so let me take that little guy/gal (yes you can tell if its a male or female if you know what to look for) off you hands for you and give them a good home where they will be safe and happy for years to come. The photos shown here are older. The shells shown now are only 1/2 of what I have. (again the painted ones are now in the trash) The substrate that I use is much deeper now, about 8-10 inches (varies) and there is also a heat lamp that I use as well (not shown in these photos as they do not translate well in photos)

I would be happy to meet and trade out/swap supplies and accessories with you if you are also involved with crabbies on a level that I am. Also if you need any, I have extras. I am also looking for larger shells if you have extras or don't need them and would be happy to swap shells with you.

The crabs keep eating the greenery, so I replace it about every 2 months. Stuff grows like weeds in a flower pot!
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